Sunday , 25 February 2024


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Forex Factory News

Power of Forex Factory News for Informed Trading

Delving into the Dynamics of Forex Market Movements In the fast-paced realm of forex trading, staying ahead of market fluctuations is the key...

AUD/NZD Price Outlook

AUD/NZD Price Outlook: Aussie looking for a floor against Kiwi, slumps to 1.0780

The AUD/NZD has managed to hold on for Friday, closing out the trading week close to flat on the last day after declining...


EUR to USD closes its best-performing week since June amid weak USD

In Friday’s session, the EUR/USD soared to 1.0730, closing a 1.50% gaining week, its best performance since mid-June.  The daily market movers for the pair...

us dollar prediction

The US Dollar Ends the Week with Slight Declines in prediction of the Fed’s Decision

The US Dollar (USD) measured by the US Dollar Index (DXY) declined to 106.35, near the 20-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), and then recovered towards...


GBP to JPY sinks to a fresh weekly low near 181.00.

The GBP/JPY twisted back into familiar low side territory for the week, capping off Friday’s trading just north of the 181.00 handle. The...


Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD hovers around $22.80

Silver price XAG/USD is almost flat during Thursday’s session after seesawing in a volatile day, reaching a daily high of $23.69 before diving towards...

USD to MXN Exchange Rate Analysis

USD to MXN Exchange Rate Analysis, trades higher around 18.250

USD/MXN aims to recover recent losses, trading around 18.2500 during the Asian session on Monday. The pair gained ground due to increased risk aversion stemming...

EUR USD Daily Chart

EUR To USD sees choppy Friday, testing 1.06

CLICK TO CHECK LIVE The EUR To USD kicked off Friday’s trading session near 1.0586 and has been keeping in a tight range...

EUR-JPY-Price Analysis

EUR To JPY Price Analysis: Uptrend Pause at 159.00, Aims for 159.70s YTD High

EUR/JPY climbed for the second straight day, breaking above last Thursday’s high of 158.92, though it retreated some and printed a daily close...

Eyeglasses Business

How We Run Eyeglasses Businesses Utilizing Forex Trade

Title: The Art of Running an Eyeglasses Business in the Forex Trade Market Introduction: In the dynamic world of business, the blending of...